About Us

Our Story

Quartermaster began with a group of homeowners who needed a better system for managing household tasks and for finding the trusted service professionals and businesses recommended by our neighbours.

We wanted an easy tool for organizing our receipts, manuals, schedules and contacts in one place. We wanted to have a safe and reliable digital guide to map our homes for ourselves and our guests.

Above all, we wanted to connect the places, people and things that make our homes and home projects run smoothly.

Quartermaster currently runs as a closed network of businesses and homeowners in the Toronto area. Send us a knock if you are interested in joining the Quartermaster community.

Meet the team!

Alex Giguere

Cary Lewis

Daniel Lee

David Pavao

Dong Zhang

Emily Ascroft

James Zhang

Jaslanika Bhatia

Javad Riahifard

Jessica Gasiunas

Josh Glied-Beliak

Matthew Ball

Matthew Sponagle

Michael Phillips

Nikole Black

Ram Balakrishnan

Raquel Maciel

Steve Aitken