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Homeowners, Meet Your Local Pros

Because good neighbours and great Pros deserve each other


What Makes A Local Pro A Good Fit For Quartermaster?

All Pros are screened to ensure they build their business by showing up on time, providing clear and timely communication, are polite and neighbourly, and leave the place clean.

Pros Are Vetted For

Certifications and Licenses

Pros carry the appropriate local certifications and licenses to practice their trade.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check is run on every Pro.

Insurance Coverage

Pros are covered with $2 million+ general liability insurance and have WSIB certification if they have employees, ensuring employees are covered as well.

References Checked

Homeowner references are checked.

Character and Values

Pros have to pass the Quartermaster interview  to ensure they'll be a good fit with your community.

Business Health Reviews

Pros are regularly checked for bankruptcies, lawsuits, or credit concerns.

Have a Pro you know and love?

Homeowners Help Pros By

Providing honest project feedback and referring the Pro if they think this is a Pro they want their friends and neighbours to know about.


Doing the little things that matter like acting politely and neighbourly and giving enough notice if appointments need to change.

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