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The Essentials, Simplified

We’re on a mission to make home management easy for both new and experienced homeowners

Complete home maintenance essentials. Customize your tasks and reminders. Get things done your way.

Regular Reminders Built For Toronto Homes

Quartermaster provides regular reminders for the maintenance that matters most. That includes garbage and recycling notifications on the right day, reminders to turn off the water before the first freeze, and regular furnace and water filter replacements.

Regular Reminders Built for Toronto Homes.png

Innovation Informed By Your Community

Our platform learns how you and your neighbourhood work and when things get done so we can continuously build better reminders and more accurate completion schedules.

Innovation Informed by Your Community.png

Designed To Work Around You

Home maintenance can be time consuming. If you can't get something done or need some help, Quartermaster makes it easy to find Pros referred by your neighbours.

Design to Work Around You.png

A Solution That's Collaborative

Once your reminders are set and ready to go, you can share them with your family or housemates. Assign tasks and reminders to members of your household, and get updates when they’re completed.

A Solution That's Collaborative.png

Remember To Celebrate The Wins

Maintaining a home is hard. Celebrate the wins as a household by high fiving the good work and rewarding others with Qm points.

Remember to Celebrate the Wins.png

Get Rewarded

Feel the reward of all your hard work. Completing everyday tasks earns you points to enter community contests for local gift cards and rewards.

Get Rewarded.png
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