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How Quartermaster Works

The Marketplace For Locally Referred Pros

A step by step guide for finding success with Quartermaster

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Onboard Your Business

Our account management team will verify your business and set you up for success on our local Marketplace.

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Bid And Match

Our platform asks the right questions so you have all the details you need to quote with confidence. Spend less time gathering information and submit a more accurate bid.

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Send Invoices And
Get Paid

Done? Great! Share the invoice with the homeowner and sit back. Quartermaster will take care of all communication with homeowners so you can get paid quickly.

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Get Ready For More Bookings

Now Quartermaster’s neighbourhood network gets to work! Never lose a job because of a misplaced business card or reminder note. Quartermaster keeps you top of mind with all your existing customers.

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Find Projects

The Quartermaster Job Board ensures you never miss a job opportunity. Powered by referrals and reviews you’ve received from trusted neighbours and community members, it’s a way for you to grow your business and let your great work do the talking.

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Manage Your Projects

You’ve just booked a job. Congrats! Quartermaster’s platform will keep your business and customers in the know via automated reminders so you can focus on what you do best.

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Watch Neighbourhood Reviews And Referrals Roll In

Quartermaster runs on neighbour referrals. It’s built to capture the details that’ll make your projects easy to discover and the referrals trusted by neighbours in the community.

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Contact Quartermaster Support Anytime

Need help? Our team is here to support you and your customers every step of the way.

Get Started Today

No upfront fees, no contract, no commitment.

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