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We’re on a mission to make home management seamless

Quartermaster is an app where you can find and book Pros who have been referred by your neighbours, get personalized recommendations and reminders for your home maintenance, and become a part of a local community that cares.


With Quartermaster Your Neighbours Are:

  • Completing projects with local Pros referred by their neighbours.

  • Helping neighbours find Pros they can trust by leaving insightful reviews.

  • Taking the guesswork out of regular home maintenance.

Quartermaster is great. We used the Book a Pro feature for handyman services and had a wonderful experience. Qm helps track and manage household tasks and projects, and we have information and manuals for our appliances in Qm as well. It’s also great to be able to find out about local businesses and support them through Qm.

Barry Grosman - East End Toronto Neighbour

Finding A Pro On Quartermaster


Submit Your Job Details

Tell us about the job you need to do and we’ll take care of the rest. With Quartermaster, you have a local knowledge advantage and don’t have to spend time calling around or repeating your requirements to every Pro.

Receive Multiple Matches For Local Pros

You’ll receive a number of options that match your job’s requirements, alongside reviews of their work from your neighbours.


Book, Pay And Review On The App

Whether you’re booking a local Pro, paying for their services or leaving a review, every transaction is safe, secure and kept within the app.

The Quartermaster Differences


Real Reviews From Real People

We believe in the power of word of mouth referrals. Quartermaster connects verified Homeowners to local Pros their neighbours have reviewed (and loved), making word of mouth referrals faster and easier to find.

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Your Home's Best Friend

Quartermaster helps you stay on top of your home's maintenance and upkeep by providing personalized reminders on everything from replacing your furnace filter to knowing if it’s garbage or recycling week.

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A Place To Support Local Businesses

We’re dedicated to elevating the Pros working in your neighbourhood, and help them use your referrals to build their business through digital word of mouth in your community.

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Meet Your Locally Referred Pros


Plumb Inc.

Trusted plumbing contractor serving Toronto and the GTA.


 H2K Electrical

High quality electrical services for your home or business.


Jessie's Spotless Window Cleaning 

Highly experienced window / gutter cleaning services.


AM Interior

Professional handyman and renovation services.