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Is Quartermaster available in my area?

Quartermaster is currently available for Homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including The City of Toronto, Durham Region, York Region, Region of Peel, and Halton Region.


If Quartermaster is not available in your area or if you are unsure whether your location is covered, feel free to contact our Support Team at

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Do I need to download the app?

You can access Quartermaster through our website or our mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices. For the most convenient experience with real-time updates, we highly recommend using the app.


How do I reset my password?

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking here.


If you would like to change your password while logged in, follow these steps:


On Web:


  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on My Account.

  3. Select Change Password.

  4. Follow the prompts to update your password


On the iOS/Android app:


  1. Go to Account

  2. Select User Settings

  3. Tap on My Account

  4. Select Change Password

  5. Follow the prompts to update your password


How do I contact support?

Feel free to reach out to us at, or through the Quartermaster support chat, and we'll be happy to assist you!

Finding And Booking Pros


What services are offered on Quartermaster?

Finding And Bookin Pros

Quartermaster offers a range of home services handled by vetted professionals.


To see what Pros are available in your area, you can log in and browse the Explore Page, or, click on Book A Pro to get quotes from multiple home service professionals for projects such as:


  • Window Washing

  • Gutter Cleaners

  • Holiday Light Installer

  • Handyman

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Painting

  • House Cleaning

  • Lawn Care

  • HVAC

  • And many more


The availability of these services varies depending on your location.


What is the Explore page?

The Explore page helps you find the right professional for your home project. We use referrals from neighbours and friends, along with reviews, to help you pick the best person for the job. You can see what projects others have done in your area and get ideas for your project.


What are the steps to Book a Pro?

You can book a Pro two ways on Quartermaster.


You can use the Explore or Pro List pages to find Pros your friends and neighbours have referred. Alternatively, we can match you with up to 3 Pros that have been referred by other Homeowners on Quartermaster.


To book a Pro directly:


  1. Sign in to your Quartermaster account

  2. Select the Explore Page or Pro List Page

  3. Search here for a business or category

  4. Select on your preferred Pro

  5. Select the Book this Pro button on the Pros profile page


To receive up to 3 quotes for your Project:


  1. Sign in to your Quartermaster account 

  2. Select the Book A Pro button on the home page.

  3. Choose the project category, provide your project details and Submit


For project submissions on Quartermaster, a service representative will be available to support you throughout the process.  You will be notified when a quote or estimate has been shared.

You might discover Pros referred by your friends or neighbours who aren't currently bookable on Quartermaster. You can still book these Pros independently using the contact information provided in their profile. We're continuing to work to get all of the referred Pros in the GTA onto Quartermaster, but in the meantime, we believe it's best if we share all Pros who your friends and neighbours refer to help you choose the Pro who's right for you.


Does Quartermaster charge a fee to book a Pro?

You won’t be charged a fee by Quartermaster to book a pro.


How does Quartermaster ensure the Pros on the marketplace are trustworthy and qualified? 

All Pros you book on Quartermaster go through our thorough vetting process before you see them on the platform. Our vetting process includes:


  • Verification of $2M+ liability insurance

  • Verification of relevant business licenses

  • Verification of required certifications

  • Verification of WSIB credentials, if applicable

  • Criminal background check

  • Business health check


All reviews and referrals you see are from verified homeowners on Quartermaster. You can have confidence you're seeing real reviews from real people.


There are also Pros referred by your friends or neighbours who aren't currently bookable on Quartermaster. Homeowners can use the Pro List feature to refer their favourite Pros and the past projects they have completed.


While these Pros have not gone through the verification process and therefore cannot be booked on Quartermaster, their contact information is available if you would like to consider them for your Project.

Managing Live Projects

Managin Live Projects

I've received an email/text message from a Pro to book a project on Quartermaster. What do I do next?

If you’ve received a text message or email from a Pro inviting you to book a project just follow these steps:


  1. Click on Confirm your Project

  2. Create a Quartermaster Account or log in into your existing Account

  3. Once signed in you will see a booking window appear, follow the steps to confirm your project.
















You can also accept your project invite by following these steps:


  1.  Log in to Quartermaster 

  2. Select Projects Board 

  3. Your project will be labelled as Tentative with the request date from the Pro included

  4. Select the project and follow the steps to complete your booking


If you have any questions about your project invite please feel free to reach out to


How do I communicate with my Pro?

Once you book a Pro, you'll gain access to a group chat featuring you, the Pro, and our support team. 


We strongly advise keeping all communication within Quartermaster's chat to ensure you receive the appropriate support.


What's the difference between a quote and estimate?

Quote: A quote is a price offered by a Pro for a specific job, and is not likely to change compared to the final invoice cost. Only if the scope of work changes, can the final amount differ from the quote.


Estimate: An estimate is a rough calculation of what a service or project might cost. It's not a guaranteed price and may vary depending on factors like materials, labour, and/or unforeseen circumstances. 


It's important to note that if the scope or complexity of a project changes, the final invoice may increase as a result. We encourage both Homeowners and Pros to communicate any additional requests or details in the Quartermaster chat.


How does Quartermaster's Good Neighbour Guarantee work?

We stand behind our Pros and vet them prior to presenting them as options on our marketplace, but we know that sometimes the unexpected happens. In all cases, we encourage Pros and Homeowners to find a resolution that works for everyone. The Good Neighbour Guarantee compensates Homeowners up to a maximum of $2,500.


This includes refunding payments made by the Homeowner, as well as providing additional compensation for undue personal hardship that happens as a result of the claim.

As each situation is unique, our plan is flexible to ensure we find the best outcome for you. Full details of the Good Neighbour Guarantee can be found here.


What if I need to reschedule?

To reschedule a Project’s booking date just follow the instructions below: 


  1. Select the project you would like to reschedule in the Projects Tab

  2. Select Booking 

  3. At the bottom of the page select Request Change

  4. In the description field provide the dates you would prefer and select Submit


Your Pro will be notified of your request and will reach out to schedule a new date/time.

Privacy And Security

Privacy And Security

How do Reviews and Referrals work on Quartermaster?

Reviews are left by verified Homeowners for projects that have been completed on Quartermaster, so you can feel confident that you are seeing real reviews by real people. 


Referrals are a unique feature of Quartermaster in which verified Homeowners can recommend their favourite Pros to their local community.


Why should I verify my property?

Property verification allows you to share your Project reviews and refer your favourite local Pros on Quartermaster.


Authenticity makes Quartermaster unique, as you can feel confident you're getting real reviews and referrals from real people.


How do property verifications work?

There are three different ways to verify your property:


Cleanlist: We partner with Cleanlist, a trusted Canadian verification service. None of your data is stored with Cleanlist, prioritizing the protection of your information and ensuring no impact on your credit score.


Stripe: You can opt for Stripe's credit card address verification service (AVS) for instant verification. Stripe is a global leader in online payments, trusted by over 100,000 businesses. Rest assured, any $0.50 authorized transaction is solely for verification purposes, with no charges to your card or impact on your credit score.

Mail Verification Code: We can also mail you a verification code. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.


What information is shared with Pros when I submit a Project on Quartermaster?

Your Pro matches will only see your project details and your street name (not your specific address).  


If you submit a project to get multiple quotes/estimates, the Pros we match you with will only see your project details and your street name. Once you book a Pro, will they see your address, email address, and profile picture.


If you are booking a specific pro for your project,  we will provide your full address.


We share your phone number so if Pros need more information about your project, they can contact you.


Is my information public on Quartermaster?

You can control who sees your profile through your settings. Choose full or limited views for community, connections, and businesses. Full profiles foster a friendlier neighbourhood. Your personal information, like your full address, is protected when sharing reviews. Manage your profile easily in settings. Adjust anytime to control who sees your profile and reviews.

On Web:


  1. Log in and click on your Username located on the top right-hand corner or on the list on the left side of the screen 

  2.  Click on Settings

  3. Select Discovery & Privacy

On the iOS/Android app:


  1. Log in and select Accounts on the bottom toolbar

  2. Tap User Settings

  3. Select Discovery & Privacy


Who can view my reviews?

Quartermaster relies on Homeowners sharing experiences and insights of their home projects in order to offer the best value to the community. We also know that some things should be kept private and want you to be in control of your own data. We let you know if something is being saved to the community, to just your household, or just for you.


How do I unsubscribe from email notifications and reminders?

Follow these steps to unsubscribe from emails and notifications:


  1. Log in to your Quartermaster account

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on Emails & Notifications

  4. Choose your communication preferences

  5. Save your changes


If you have any questions about your notification settings please feel free to reach out to


How do I delete my account?

We’re sorry to see you go. Please be sure to download any old invoices from previous projects by opening the appropriate project, finding the Attachments section, clicking on the invoice file, and then clicking the download option to start the download.


To delete your account, follow these steps:


On Web:


  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on My Account

  3. Select Delete Account


On the iOS/Android app:


  1. Go to Account

  2. Tap on User Settings

  3. Tap on My Account

  4. Select Delete Account

  5. Select your reason

  6. Tap Delete Account


If you have any questions or any feedback we’d love to hear from you at




What are reward points?

Earn Quartermaster Reward Points by tracking everyday tasks around your home, which include but are not limited to:


  • Completing chores

  • Making to-do lists

  • Connecting with neighbourhood spots

  • Adding projects

  • Sending high fives




Your points will be added to your account automatically as you complete these tasks! Your allocated points will go toward a raffle for gift cards from a local business.


How do I enter a Daily Contest?

To enter our Daily Contests, complete everyday tasks such as the following:


  • Mark garbage & recycling as done

  • Give or get a high five

  • Add your serial/model numbers to your appliances

  • Finish household chores






You can win multiple times each month, with one entry allowed every day based on your activity.


How do I enter a Monthly Contest?

Use your reward points to enter into the monthly contests. Each contest requires a specific amount of reward points for entry.

To enter a Monthly Contest:


  1. Click on the Points and Rewards 

  2. Scroll down to the Monthly Contest section

  3. Select the contest you’d like to enter

  4. Select ‘View All’ to see more contests


To check the number of reward points you have click on your Reward Wallet on your home page or in the points and rewards section. Here, you can view an overview of contests you have entered, contests you have won, and rewards you have received.


How do I claim a reward I won?

Winners are notified via email, so keep a look out in your inbox for a message letting you know your reward has been mailed out. Receiving a reward can take between 7-10 business days.


Can I switch out my reward?

While we don't offer the option to exchange gift cards, we encourage you to share it with a friend or within the community. Exploring new places is always exciting and sharing experiences makes it even better!

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