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Onboarding And Set Up
Bidding On Jobs

Managing Projects
Payment And Invoicing




What makes Quartermaster different?

Quartermaster isn't a lead generation site, but a platform helping GTA Homeowners find and book the Pros their friends and neighbours refer, which helps to build your repeat and referral business for the long term.


How do I get started if I want to join Quartermaster?

Visit the Quartermaster website and follow the below steps:


  1. Select Sign Up

  2. Choose I'm a local business

  3. Select Create a New Business Account


Fill out your details and select Send Request. A Quartermaster representative will be in touch with the next steps.


How do I get support?

Support needed on an active project? You can reach support in the project chat and our team will be happy to assist.


If you have questions about your Quartermaster Account you can reach out to your Account Manager directly.


For all other support, please email us at or give us a call at (647)951-2002


How does Quartermaster verify reviews?

We take the following steps to ensure that only real reviews from real people are displayed on Quartermaster:


  1. When Homeowners sign up for Quartermaster, we verify they live at the property they've entered.

  2. Reviews on Quartermaster are from projects that were completed on the platform.

  3. All reviews are carefully screened and are shared publicly within 1-2 days


Homeowners can also use a feature on Quartermaster called Pro List. Here they can refer Pros that they have worked with in the past, both on and off Quartermaster. Homeowners must be verified for their referral to be viewed publicly.

For more information about the review and referral process, please see  “What is the difference between a Review and a Referral?” under Managing Projects. For information about the Homeowner verification process please see the Homeowner FAQ page under Privacy & Security.


Do I need to download the Quartermaster app?

To provide your customers with the best experience, we recommend using the Quartermaster Pro app to get real-time push notifications on projects. 

You can access Quartermaster through the iOS and Google Play app stores under the name “Quartermaster Pro”, or on the web at



How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password here.

Onboarding And Set Up

Onboarding And Set Up


What information do I need to provide to get onto Quartermaster?

Our Pro Accounts team will help you through this process, but generally you'll need:


  • Applicable licences


  • Applicable certifications


  • Liability insurance


  • GST/HST registration


  • Pass a criminal background check


  • Pass a credit check


  • Set up your payment info


  • Complete your Quartermaster profile


How do I get my employees set up on Quartermaster?

To add your team members to your Quartermaster account on Web or the iOS/Android app


  1. Log in to Quartermaster

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Team and Add Member/Plus icon


Be sure to assign one of the below Membership Types to ensure your staff have the appropriate account access.


For help, please contact or your Account Manager.


How do I add my employees to a project?

You can add your staff to any Quartermaster project. This will also give Homeowners visibility on who in your company will be the service professional on their project.


To add your team members to a Project on Web or the iOS/Android app:


  1. Select the project from your Project Board

  2. Select the three dots and click Manage

  3. Select Add team member to this Project and add an employee

Bidding On Jobs

Bidding On Jobs

Where do I find jobs that I can bid on?

To see jobs that are available to bid on:


  1. Select the Job Board 

  2. Make sure the Awaiting Bids filter is selected



You can then select View Details on a specific job for further information.


How do I create a quote or estimate?

From the Jobs tab, click "View Details" on an available job, you can select if you want to share a quote or an estimate, and use the quote/estimate builder to make your document. All pertinent company information will automatically be included on the quote/estimate.


There is not enough information for me to build a quote/estimate. How do I contact the customer?

If there isn't enough information after viewing a project’s details and you are using the Quartermaster Pro app, you can call the Homeowner by selecting the phone icon.


What's the difference between a quote and estimate?

Quote: A quote is a price offered by a professional for a specific job, and is not likely to change compared to the final invoice cost. Only if the scope of work changes, can the final amount differ from the quote.


Estimate: An estimate is a rough calculation of what a service or project might cost. It's not a guaranteed price and may vary depending on factors like materials, labour, and/or unforeseen circumstances. 


We recommend proactively communicating changes to cost in the Quartermaster chat.


How do I create a quote or estimate?

From the Job Board:


  1. Select your new project then click View Details

  2. Scroll down and select Build Quote/Estimate to create your bid or upload an existing document.

  3.  At the bottom of the page, choose your availability by either selecting 1-3 dates/times or Schedule Later which allows for a date/time to be coordinated after the project is booked.

  4.  Select Submit


All pertinent company information will automatically be included on the quote/estimate including your business name, address, and logo.


Where can I see the jobs I’ve bid on?

To see all the jobs you’ve bid but have not yet been booked:


  1. Open the Job Board 

  2. Select the filter “Your Bids” 


How do I know if I've been booked for a job?

You'll receive an email and push notification on the Quartermaster Pro app stating that you've been selected by the Homeowner, and you'll now see the job under your Project Board. 


Any job you're not selected for will be visible under Declined Bids on your Job Board.

If the scope or complexity of a project changes, we encourage both Homeowners and Pros to communicate any additional requests or details in the Quartermaster chat.


After you have communicated changes to the estimate/quote you can make edits:  


  1. Select the project from your Projects Board 

  2. Click on Booking and then Edit to make any changes. 


If the project is complete, you can also make changes while building your invoice.

Managing Projects

Managing Projects

How do I organize my booked projects?

All of your booked jobs can be managed on your Project Board. You can filter your projects by selecting the options at the top of the page:


Pending Booking: Project invites that are not sent to the Homeowner are labelled as "Draft". Projects where invites were sent will be labelled "Awaiting Homeowner"


Booked: All of your Booked jobs will appear here.


Completed: Jobs that have been completed and paid on Quartermaster.


Inactive: Projects that have expired or been cancelled.


You can review a project's status to identify the next steps:


Draft: An invite for a Homeowner to book you on Quartermaster has not been completed or sent to the Homeowner.


In Progress: A job is currently taking place.


Awaiting Payment: The Homeowner has received the invoice and not yet paid.

Awaiting Homeowner: This job is awaiting confirmation from the Homeowner.


How do I communicate with the homeowner?

When you're booked for a job, a group chat will be available on Quartermaster where you can directly message the Homeowner throughout the project. This helps you and the Homeowner keep all project communication and documents in one place. A support team member will be available in the chat to assist as needed.


Am I charged if I need to reschedule or cancel?

Rescheduling or cancellations aren’t subject to charges for both Homeowners and Pros. We encourage transparency between both parties around any changes to time, booking, or additional job details.


What is the difference between a Review and a Referral?

Reviews are left by verified Homeowners for projects that have been completed on Quartermaster, so you can feel confident that you are seeing real reviews by real people. 


Referrals are a unique feature of Quartermaster in which verified Homeowners can recommend their favourite Pros to their local community.


How do I invite a Homeowner to book me on Quartermaster?

To invite a customer to book a project on Quartermaster:


  1. From the Projects Board click on "+" on the app or "Invite Customer" on Web 

  2. You can invite a Homeowner to book a project who is already on Quartermaster or invite a new customer using their email or phone number

You can also send a Homeowner your direct booking link:


  1.  Once logged in, go to your Settings

  2. Select Share Booking Link

  3. Copy the link and share it to the Homeowner


What are the different ways a Homeowner can book me for a project? 

There are three different types of projects you may see on Quartermaster.


  1. A project where you've sent an invite to a Homeowner to book you on Quartermaster

  2. A project where a Homeowner has booked you directly

  3. A project where you’ve been matched with a Homeowner who is receiving multiple bids for their project

Payments And Invoicing


How do I get paid?

Payments An Invoicng

Payments are made through Stripe, our payment provider. As part of your onboarding you'll set up your Stripe account so funds can be transferred to your bank account.


When you've completed your first job on Quartermaster, the payout will take 7-14 business days. For any additional or following jobs, payouts will generally take 3-7 days. You can find more details on payouts from Stripe.  


You can also contact or your account manager for support.


How do I set up my Stripe account to accept payment?

To set up your Stripe account:


1. Log in to Quartermaster

2. Select Settings and choose Payment Setup

3. Follow the instructions provided by Stripe


If you have any questions please contact your Account Manager.


What if I need to invoice a different amount than my quote or estimate?

You can make any necessary updates to your Quote/Estimate at the below stages.


If you haven’t been booked for the job yet but have submitted a bid:


  1. From the Job Board, click on the Your Bids button

  2. Select the project which requires an update, and click on View Details

  3. Scroll down to the Quote, where you'll see an Edit option

  4. Make the needed changes, and click Update to send the new Quote/Estimate details to the Homeowner


If you have been booked and/or the project is complete:


  1. From your Projects Board, click on the Booked button

  2. Find the project which requires an update and select Edit. Alternatively, if the project has been completed, select Prepare Invoice

  3. Make the needed changes, and click Save to send the new details to the Homeowner


Please ensure that any changes to the quote or estimate are discussed with the Homeowner prior to updating the quote/estimate.

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