Pro FAQs




What makes Quartermaster different?

Quartermaster isn't a lead generation or review site, but rather a platform to help you build your repeat and referral business for the long term.


How do I get started if I want to join Quartermaster?

Visit the Quartermaster website, click "Sign Up" > "I'm a local business" > "Create a New Business Account," fill out your details and click "Send Request." A Qm team member will be in touch with next steps.


How do I get support when needed?

You can reach out to your account manager if you've been assigned one, or you can reach out to and we'll be happy to help!


How does Quartermaster verify reviews?

We take two main steps to ensure that only real reviews from real people are displayed on Quartermaster:

1. When Homeowners sign up for Quartermaster, we verify they live at the property they've entered.

2. All reviews on Quartermaster are from projects that were paid for on the platform.


Do I need to download an app?

You can access Quartermaster through the website or the app. To provide your customers the best experience, we recommend using the app for real-time push notifications for projects.


How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password here.


Onboarding And Set Up


What information do I need to provide to get onto Quartermaster?

Our Pro Accounts team will help you through this process, but generally you'll need:

- Applicable licences

- Applicable certifications

- Liability insurance

- GST/HST registration

- Pass a criminal background check

- Pass a credit check

- Set up you payment info

- Complete your Quartermaster profile


How do I get my employees set up on Quartermaster?

You can set up your team members on Qm by going to Settings > Team and select "Add Member."


What business information will my employees see?

Visibility is managed by the role you're assigned.

Owner: As the Owner, you have the full access to view all documents, projects within your company, and final say on all desired changes.

Admin: As an Admin, you have full view rights on all documents, projects within the company, and may have to request changes made for the owner’s approval.

Members: As a member, you can see all files and project aspects that were assigned to you and can externally message the homeowner/users involved in a Project.

Limited Members: As a limited member, you can only complete tasks and view objects that were assigned to you, and have internal company messaging rights.

Bidding On Jobs


Where do I find jobs that I can bid on?

Visit the Jobs tab to view all jobs that are available to be bid on.


How do I create a quote or estimate?

From the Jobs tab, click "View Details" on an available job, you can select if you want to share a quote or an estimate, and use the quote/estimate builder to make your document. All pertinent company information will automatically be included on the quote/estimate.


What if I don't have enough information to provide a quote or estimate?

From the Job Profile, under the Questions and Answers section, you can select "Ask Question." Your question will go to the Homeowner and you'll receive a notification once they respond. You'll also see all questions from other Pros with the accompanying answers from the Homeowner. This avoids repeat questions and answers for the Homeowner.


How do I know if I got the job I bid on?

You'll receive an email and push notification informing you that you've been selected by the Homeowner. Any job you're not selected for will be visible under "Declined Bids" on the Jobs tab.

Managing Projects


What are the steps in managing the project on Quartermaster?


After a Homeowner has selected to work with you:

1. You're notified to confirm the booking, assign a servicer (optional), and provide a tighter arrival window (optional) 48 hours before the booking.

2. When you're ready to leave for the project, select "On My Way," to let the Homeowner know when they can expect you.

3. When the job is complete you can send your invoice to your customer.

4. After payment both Pros and Homeowners will have the opportunity to leave a review for one another.

5. The Homeowner's review goes live, this helps drive more referral business from their neighbourhood.


How do I communicate with the homeowner?

Once you've been selected to work with a Homeowner, you'll have a messaging channel available in your project to be able to chat with your customer on Quartermaster. This helps you and the Homeowner keep all project communication and documents in one place.


Am I charged if I need to reschedule or cancel?

Rescheduling or cancellations aren’t subject to charges for both Homeowners and Pros. We encourage transparency between both parties around any changes to time, booking, or additional job details.


When will my review be live?

Prior to a review going live, our team checks reviews to ensure they meet community guidelines. This step takes between 1-2 business days and happens once both the Homeowner and Pro have completed their review, or 7 days after payment, whichever comes first.


How do I invite a Homeowner to book me on Quartermaster?

From the Projects tab click on "+" on the app or "Add Project" in your browser. You have the ability to invite a customer who is already on Quartermaster, if you're already connected to them, or invite a new customer using their email or phone number.

Payments And Invoicing


How do I get paid?


Payments are made through Stripe, our payment provider. As part of your onboarding you'll set up your Stripe account so funds can be transferred to your bank account.


When will I get paid?

Typically your first payout will take 7-14 days. Subsequent payouts are generally made in 3-7 days. You can find more details on payouts from Stripe here.


How do I set up my Stripe account to accept payment?

You can set up your Stripe account through Settings > Payment Setup.


What if I need to invoice a different amount than my quote or estimate?

When your job is complete, you'll get a notification to confirm if you're ready to invoice. At this point from the Payment section of the Project Workspace, you'll have the ability to edit your quote or estimate and turn it into an invoice to request payment. We advise you to message or talk with the Homeowner first to ensure they understand any pricing changes before receiving the final invoice.